Piscean Death Rattle or...Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

My favorite movie of all time is Hair. Themes of Cosmic Consciousness, free love and anti-war really sing to my soul and brings forth the inner Hippie in me (sans the Tie-dye). Being an Aquarian, I of course, identify with the song Aquarius and have made it my internal theme song…

"When the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars then Peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars….."

We are in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. So, what does this mean? I'm leaving the Astrological details to another more qualified, but want to address how it has become more and more apparent how this shift is affecting the world.

The Age of Pisces is one of Hierarchy, Money, Power, Control, Religion and individuality (represented by segregation; me vs them) and who am I and how I am different from everyone else. How my uniqueness is more correct or better than you. Once I figured that out this became my belief and I attached myself to that belief then I need to validate that by making sure that everyone else believes in that attachment as that it was the only true view to have.

The Age of Aquarius is about Universal Love, harmony, connection, brotherhood and yes, Cosmic Consciousness. Soul purpose; How what I do effects the whole; How can I best serve? Where is the Personal Transformation?

People have asked me why I think the world is in such upheaval. The past several decades have been the overlap of these two energetic phases. We see it more so now than ever. The struggle for power, money (he who dies with the most toys wins; money brings happiness, etc.). Governments being taken down by the people they rule; mass natural disasters, terrorism on a global scale. Leaders spreading more and more lies, hatred and acting in ways which have never been tolerated at a level such as this. All of these things are the Death Rattle of an old and out grown level of Consciousness. Those that are fighting it out of fear for the loss of their individuality or not being heard are the most vocal and outrageous.

If we can see all of this as a growth spurt; much like a clumsy teenager bumping into a wall and screaming that it is the wall’s fault, we may be able to understand the fear and pain behind all of this and begin to find different ways to handle that which is going on around us.

Do we ignore it? No, but do we have to become one with the rhetoric, fear and blame? NO. Now I say this with the total understanding on how hard it is to not get drawn in. Just this morning I posted on FB my confusion, indignation and disgust. All parts of the fear of letting go of the old and and what is known. The fear keeps me from being able to move towards a better understanding of that which is connected to all.

I have been learning to notice when I start to slide. I observe it. I ask myself why I am attaching myself to this. Do I have a sense of a loss of Control? Do I feel that I’m being treated unfairly or not heard? Are their parts of the actions or fear that I may have done in the past, on some level and not forgiven others or myself for? (Being naive, taken advantage of or being hateful or unkind to someone else?). What is the trigger?....

When I can find the root of my attachment, I try feeling what that was and then move through it. Not condemn myself for past acts, feelings or reactions. Just move through it without emotion. This is where we can start to become whole, understanding and open up to a different, more Universal perspective where loving solutions lie within.

So, today, if you find yourself becoming physically or emotionally attached to the Death Rattle; stop, observe, identify and lovingly move through….



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