Do we have Free Will? Really?

A few years ago a friend of mine was telling me about her plans to not follow her intuition and go back to a city and relationship that she had left not too long before. She stated that she was going to institute her “FREE WILL CLAUSE” and not follow through with, what she believed to be her path and stay where she was. I immediately laughed and spurted out that there was no such thing as Free Will, not really anyway. Needless to say a shocked face was given and debate ensued.

Do we really have Free Will?

Can we really go against the life plan that our Soul wrote out before we incarnated? Can we go against our Soul’s desire?

I have always looked at our destiny as a story, imagined by our Higher Self. It is a novel of sorts with life Experiences (I choose to not use the word “lessons”, but substitute “experiences” instead) as each chapter. Each life Experience orchestrated with other Souls in order to weave together the story of our Soul Growth for each lifetime. It has been written, can Free Will un-write it?

Can we instate our “FREE WILL CLAUSE” and move onto a different Experience without participating in the one before?

Each chapter can be skipped over, but it still remains in our story. It’s there and in order for the story to make sense or to be fully understood each chapter must be read and participated in to one degree or another. The story stops to make complete sense, if we miss something. One way or another, each chapter will find a way to be lived out.

So let’s say that this friend chose to move back to her previous city and relationship. She may have found that that is where she truly belonged and that the relationship had moved and grown past any difficulty and blossomed into a deep, passionate and mutually beneficial partnership with Spiritual growth for both people. Any Karmic experiences were moved through and there was gold at the end.

Now, let’s say she uses free will to go against what she knows, intuitively, that she should follow. She stays here. She no longer needs to move through the potential drama of that other Experience. What happens? Does she get to skip over that chapter and directly onto the next? Possibly… probably. But how does her path look now? She now has missed some valuable information about herself and her story. How will this affect the next relationship or job? Hasn’t she short changed her development or her growth through missed new perceptions? Is she going to make her next chapter more difficult to move through….or even get to, without all of the tools that she may have picked up in the parts skipped?

When we go against our intuition on where we should be flowing can we create a short-cut through Free Will?

Are there true short-cuts in life? Can we really go against our Soul’s plan and tell it that we “know” better?

I’m not sure we can, really. We can chose to go down another path or story line, but we are still going to end up at those points in our life that make huge impacts to our story. And if we skipped something or took a short cut, somewhere we are going to have to make up for it. Either by making our “FREE WILL CHOSEN” new path much more difficult, because of missed experiences, or it will to make it so that we will have to go back and read that skipped chapter….go back and move through that missed step in the story.

If so, is it time wasted? Not really, but certainly more tiresome and emotionally taxing. This isn’t about taking the path of least resistance it’s about being willing to go through each chapter with love and faith in your heart and the understanding that your Soul knows what she is doing and isn’t going to give you more that she thinks she/you can handle. Each Experience gives us the opportunity to move through a dirty, beautiful, loud, melodic, bountiful, amazing chapter that the complete story needs.

So, if you feel that you have used the FREE WILL CLAUSE and have skipped a chapter, you can call upon your Soul to allow you to “go back” and experience that which was skipped. And if you get that chance, do so with the vision of a clearer and more beautiful ending to your story.

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