You chose them, now what are you going to do?

Many of my client's come to me looking for information and guidance concerning relationships in their lives. Mostly the ones that are creating havoc or they cannot seem to move on from. Many have been told or taught they they need to just try and get along with certain people, that they need to ignore situations or that, due to family obligations or religious views that they need to tough it out, that they have no choice.

How sad! To believe that we have no control or choice in our relationshps is a very distructive and damaging way to live.

How and why are we getting into those relationships that are hurtful or empty? What can we do or how can we heal from these?

First it is important and helpful to understand what these relationships are and the purpose they serve.

Many of our relationships are Karmic in nature; meaning that your Soul has contracted with other Souls to play out situations so that your Soul may be involved in Life Experiences that are important for the desired Growth. We have chosen those Souls that can or have in past lifetimes play out roles that directly affects your current human experience. It is key to remember that Karma is NOT punitive, but about balance. Our most challenging relationships are almost always Karmic in nature.

Other relationships can be roles that we play out with our Soul Mates (preferred Souls that we like to incarnate with or that we share growth patterns with). These tend to be our friends. Our relationships with friends tend to differ than that of family. Friend relationships tend to be more supportive or like minded than those of family. Not meaning to say that we cannot have wonderful supportive relationships with family, it's just that we believe that we consciously choose our friends based on shared beliefs, goals and likes. (In reality we chose our friends on the astral plane as well, but for different reasons) Family relationships are chosen on the astral level, before we are born that tend to be the hardest or most challenging. These, also, can be the ones that offer the most growth that our Soul seeks.

So, how can we heal from these relationships if needed?

So, Spirit often says....."You chose your family and other Karmic relationships, now what are you going to do with it?"

In other words, you asked for it!

Knowing that you set all of this up before you were born, should on some level, give you a sense of control and power going forward. When we understand that we have set all of this up, in advance, then we can see how our Soul choices have been acted out or upon. What have we learned? What are we still doing that brings us the Experiences that we signed up for? Are we done or tired of drawing to us those Experiences that bring us drama, learning and growth? If we are then we can move from those Experiences and reap the benefits of the growth that we obtained.

If you want to remove yourself from karmic relationships, all you truly have to do is gaze within. You have the power to release any emotional cords or energetic ties to you because they are all within you. Recognize the lessons embedded within your Karmic relationships, have compassion for any of the shadows that are present, and release any negative emotions about you and the other Souls involved that are weighing you down.

Healing comes from recognizing that which has been Experienced and respecting that Experience and the Souls involved. The Souls involved have helped your Soul obtain the growth that it wanted to gain, as well as the role that you have played for their growth.

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