Falling for Autumn....the most Spiritual season

I LOVE AUTUMN!! The smell, the cool afternoons, football! All of it! But there is more to this season, a more meaningful and symbolic happening. To me this time of the year there seems to be a great stirring in my Soul. Three things come to mind during this wonderful time. Balance: Fall brings the Autumn Equinox when Night and Day are equal. The long, hot sunny days of Summer give way to the earlier and longer nights of Winter. This is the time for reflection of our inner-Self, our Shadow side. The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement leads us to review our deeds, actions and thoughts of the previous year. We are forced to look at how our Dark/Shadow side has come to the surface and try to atone or make amends to those that we have hurt or mis-understood. It's beautiful because we are allowed to see our human self as the whole, the Light and the Dark. This leads us to.... Letting Go: Leaves turn from green to jeweled colored splendor. The trees let them go to the ground where they fade to brown, decay and return to the Earth. No matter how beautiful they were the trees don't mourn their passing, they ready themselves for the long Winter, then Spring and the new buds. They let them go. Just as we can let go of any guilty, we can let go of anything that no longer serves us and making room for the new and happier opportunities and experiences. We are reminded that there is always a place for change... . Change: Autumn reminds us that our bodies, minds and Soul are always changing. By accepting and even inviting change we can focus on the impermanence of what we know and try to hold onto, emphasizing how important it is to embrace the present. How by letting go we open up room for that which will serve our higher purpose and our Soul’s desires. AND…. Autumn also brings in the Expo season! It brings opportunities to commune with like-minded people, see new products, treat yourself to a reading, healing or attend a new workshop. I invite you to come and see me and all of the other amazing Lightworkers at one of the events listed below! Be well and Be Peace Kayla

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