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Minneapolis' finest psychic can help predict your future. She can communicate with the dead. She once had a spirit tell a customer, "You were too cheap to return the fucking piano." Enter the mind of a seeker ...

I don’t believe in psychic powers.

I don’t think my late grandparents are available for chats.

I don’t think tomorrow’s news is available today.

I don’t believe Madonna was once a street sweeper, who was once Albert Einstein, who was once a caveman named Ugh.

I just don’t.

That being said, I try and maintain an open mind. And today’s magical 297th Quaz Q&A is legitimately convincing. Her name is Kayla Michaele, and she’s a practicing psychic who has devoted her life to assisting via divine guidance. Her stated mission? “To help people by connecting with their Spirit Guides and Angels and provide them useful information to help navigate this trip called life.” Today’s mission? To be a kickass Quaz.

Prediction: You are about to read a fascinating Q&A …

JEFF PEARLMAN: OK, so Kayla, how did this happen? Like, at some point we’re all kids, putzing around, trying to figure things out. Did you have a singular moment where you realized you had a certain power? Was there, literally, an ah-ha event?

KAYLA MICHAELE: People ask me all the time, when did I know I was psychic? There wasn’t a real “ah ha” moment … but events that led up to an awakening. When I was a child I always seemed to know things about people. Like, were they telling the truth? What kind of mood they were in or sometimes if things were going to happen to them.

When I was in third grade I had a strong vision of a boy getting hurt. His name was Scottie and was in my grade. I saw him playing baseball and getting hurt. I not only saw it, I really felt it. My knuckles hurt and started turning red. I had a crush on this little boy so naturally I was thrilled that I would be able to be the one to come to his aid. I packed up some wet Kleenex and Band-Aids (like 30 of them) and set off to the playground. There wasn’t anyone there. I must have sat there for over an hour waiting for a baseball game and Scottie to magically appear. Finally I started home, crying from confusion and heartbreak. I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t there. How could I have seen this in my head and felt the injury? It didn’t occur to me that this could be just my imagination. To me imagination and precognition were the same. That was Saturday. On Monday I went to school hoping that when I saw Scottie he wouldn’t know what foolish thing I had done (because I didn’t understand that not everyone knew what I did or couldn’t “pick up” on things/event like I could).

Anyway, I’m at my desk dreading that moment, when I looked up and saw him. I was elated … his right hand was all bandaged up. He had a baseball hit him squarely on the knuckles and his entire hand was bruised up. He had been injured like I saw, but it didn’t occur to me that it could have happened at a different ball park than the one near the school.

I kept this story to myself growing up because I learned quickly that if I did share what I knew I would be made fun of, ostracized or told that I was making the shit up. Gradually, I started ignoring what came to me. I would push it aside. That is when I started making some bad decisions in my life, because I ignored the signs and info about people in my life.

J.P.: On your website you write, “When I meet with a client, the first thing I do is ask Spirit how to best communicate with this person.” I don’t fully know what this means. Is Spirit an entity? God? Something within you? And how does Spirit respond to you?

K.M.: To answer the first part of your question on how to best communicate with each client … some people are verbal, meaning they are the type who take instruction easier than being shown. Some people are visual, so, I will either draw, doodle or pull some Tarot cards to better help put forth the information coming through. These are the ones you would need to teach by showing. Some people respond to music, so I will often get songs that will mean something to them. These are usually the ones you would need to teach by doing or having them practice … etc.

When I say Spirit, I use it as a catch-all. I get the information from several sources. When dealing with someone’s life situations I communicate with their Spirt Guides an Angels. This can only be done with the permission of the Soul of the person I am working with. If their Soul/Higher Self doesn’t want me to see something, I won’t. If I’m doing a Mediumship session (this is where I am connecting with someone who has passed over/died), then I am communication with that Soul/Person.

Now, not all psychics get their information the same way. Just as each client tends to communicate more verbally than visually, we are usually stronger or totally work in one aspect over another. For me, fortunately or unfortunately, I get it every which way so it can become a circus. What I mean is that I will get information by seeing, hearing and feeing it all at the same time. Sometimes I will get tastes or odors, but that is more rare and doesn’t really add much to a reading anyway. I know one psychic who sees the words spelled out, so she is literally reading the information.

J.P.: I feel like your job must come with some serious weight. I’m imagining you deal with people devastated by loss, by grief. Does that impact how you act … what you see? For example, if you get bad vibes from a distraught woman’s late husband, do you tell her so? What if you get nothing? Just—blank?

K.M.: Yeah, I’ve seen it all. I’ve had clients who want to speak with someone who thinks that they idiots. I had one man come to a public gallery event (that is where you are doing mini-spot readings with a group of people) and wanted me to connect with his dad who had passed away. So I connect with “Harry.” He shows me a large white grand piano in a living room and I hear what sounds like klezmer music but the notes were off. The client tells me that he, indeed, has a white grand piano in his living room and his father used to play it when he was alive. So I asked him, are you Jewish, because I kept hearing old Yiddish music, but it was out of tune. He confirmed that he is Jewish and that his dad was terrible at playing.

As the reading continues he confirmed more information that I was getting; his father was one of three boys and was the last to die. His mother was still alive, but very Ill. His father had had a few careers—teacher, worked in a grocery store and had sold clothing. After all of this the man I’m reading says … ”Yes, yes this is all fine but I think that you are a fraud.”

“I’m sorry? What do you mean by that?” I asked.

He says that while I was correct in the information that I had given him he was still waiting to hear one thing. When his father was dying he asked him to say one thing and I hadn’t gotten it. It was at this point that Harry went behind him, looked at me and said one last thing. I didn’t know what to do. I told that client that he did say something, but it wasn’t very nice and that I wasn’t sure it was appropriate. The man got very angry and insisted that I say it.

Well, I said, “He thinks you’re a putz and said ‘Once a schmuck always a schmuck’ and that you were too cheap to tune the fucking piano.”

The man smiled and thanked me.

I tell you this story because you never know the story behind why people want to communicate with the dead. Sometimes they want to know how the person really died (murder cases or health cases where they don’t believe the doctors), they want to know that they made the right end-of-life decisions for the deceased. Mostly people want to know that their loved ones are OK, happy and still exist.

I have had a murder case where I worked with a local sheriff’s department. I know that the case was solved but not sure if any of the info that I received helped in closing it, but I do know that the family has been able to move through their grief a little better.

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J.P.: Can you give me an example from your work? A story, a narrative—something that shows what you do, and what you can do for people?

K.M.: See above. Or …

First of all, other than the mediumship part of my work (by the way, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums), most of what I do is confirm what people already know. People have questions like, should I keep my job? Is my marriage going to work out? Etc. I will get information about what is going on in each situation, the perception or actions of the others involved and the best possible outcome. This is stuff people already know either intellectually or intuitively. But because it is coming from someone who isn’t privy to any of this information, then it can be taken as confirming. Who better to give unadulterated information than from a complete stranger who can see into what is going on?!