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Greetings and Happy Summer! It hasn't been since May that I have reached out via my newsletter. This summer has been one of amazing loneliness and growth. The Dark Night of the Soul reeled it's amazing head and threw me into a tail spin over the past 3 months. More on that experience in the next email. I bring it up because that through all of it, some pretty amazing things have come to light. Through the many healings, coffee talks, "Chance" meetings, prayers and meditations, Spirit led me to reconnect with some pretty amazing and loving Souls during my journey through The Dark Night. One of those Souls is my friend Chris Herzog. The synchronicity was amazing. We both had this dream of Bridging the communities of Light Workers here in the Twin Cities/Midwest Area. We were both surprised by the number of people that we didn't know who are active in our Metaphysical community. We also bemoaned the lack of a Gathering place for Souls seeking growth experiences, support and just a place to just be! This space will not be one person's vision or shop. We are hoping to run it as a "non-Profit" and self sustaining space. So, The Inlet was born. Our vision is to have a true Light worker/Light seeker community center. A place where one can go and take an Experience (class), hold their own Gatherings (group meetings), find support through the community or to simply grab a coffee or tea and just hang out. So we are starting The Inlet as a Bi-weekly Gathering and Experience. The Gatherings will be at Chris Herzog's home until we are able to manifest the perfect "brick and Mortar" space.

I hope that you join us or at least check out the Gathering info on our facebook page:

You can also email me with any questions.



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