LOSS: Soul's Mission

This past weekend I was honored to be one of the Key Speakers at the Fargo Holistic Expo in Fargo, ND. During the speaking event and during the rest of the expo I had many people tell their stories of loss over the past year or so. The amount of loss was incredible. People losing 3, 4 and in one case 9 relatives and friends! The amount of suffering was palpable. In all cases they needed to know if their loved ones were alright, why they were left behind and how could they move forward?

One woman lost 6 members or her family or friends in the past few years. She and her daughter sat down for a reading and needed to know if they were alright and what was going on that all of them had left in a relatively short amount of time. I looked at the list of names that she gave me and all but one was women. The ties of energy that these women, and I mean strong women, leapt off of the page. While I didn’t connect directly with any of these people Spirit gave over their story and connection. I was shown that all of these women had been connected in a past life as frontier women. They forged ahead with their families and created new lives as the country was expanding west. These were tough, but loving women who had a driven purpose. Then I was fast forwarded to the past 3 generations and was told that these women had incarnated into this current family gene pool to end the genetic residual of generations of alcohol/drug abuse that their family experienced. They literally came to work together to cut it off, physically, the genes of these addictions for the future generations.

Before we incarnate we choose our bodies and the entire DNA that these bodies carry forward from past generations. We can choose these bodies to experience any disease, addictions, malformations, etc.. AND the lack of, to better compliment any lessons that we want to learn in the current lifetime. The Souls of these women came to work together to cut this stream of genetic addictions for the future bodies of this gene pool. Crazy right?

I looked up at the mother and daughter and they were crying and nodding and crying and nodding. There was a sense of recognition to this information. The mother was the new Matriarch of this “clan” and she knew that her beloved relations had shown her that she has the strength to move forward and continue this amazing and loving story.

I have to say, that it always amazes me that even through all of the pain and loss therecan and is Joy and Peace. Together with the Divine our Soul’s mission to learn, experience and grow is ALWAYS out of love. The story might not always be apparent and may be hidden, but it’s there and it’s magical.



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