Reptilian Forces and Labradorite Necklaces

On a trip out of state to a well-known Metaphysical expo learned many things about the human existence and me. One of the things that is sticking is the desire we humans have for a quick fix, something other than ourselves to take over and solve our problems. I saw many products. I saw a bottle of herbs and infused energy ($750 for a 6 week supply) that can eradicate the fungus inside your gut thus curing you of your weight problems and mental clarity. I saw magical acrylic beads ($125) in the colors of anyone of your Chakras that will immediately take away your money problems. I heard authors speak of how the Reptilian Forces have been controlling our world for thousands of years and you can simply hit them with your broom and shoo them away (ticket price $10). I saw small flat metal discs ($250-$1300) with some etching on it that will solve all of your mental disorders. I saw GIANT Selenite penises (priceless no matter what the cost) that, well, besides the obvious I’m not sure I what they were for. I saw people with their Aura Photos pinned to their lapels walking around and purchasing anything and everything that their bank account could (or could not) handle. What a joke I thought, what a scam. These people were running around trying to take over and cure every perceived problem or brokenness buy purchasing a promise. It reminded me of the Snake Oil Salesman of the old west. I laughed at it … I shook my head in disgust.

This morning I had a phone reading. I started to prepare for the reading as I always do. I took out my sage and smoked my office to clear-out any residual energy. Got out my favorite notebook and lucky pen knowing that all I wrote would be true. I pulled down some Divination cards off of the shelf so that the Angels could speak with me easier and reached for my Labrodite necklace that I usually wear when I am doing my Psychic work. I couldn’t find it. It wasn’t in the window that I hang it in so that the moon’s energy can clear it. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, desperately looking for the pendant. How could I properly do a reading without my magical Labradorite ? How could I connect to Spirit without the help of my bluish-green magical stone on a silk cord? What would my client say when I fumbled through the reading because I couldn’t connect without it? It hit me…or I should say my Guides hit me (really, I felt a small slap up against my head in that perfect “I coulda’ had a V8” moment). You don’t need any of this, Kayla, no one does.

It’s true, we DON”T need any of it. We can achieve and perform all that our Soul has desired with our own perfect and Divine spark. These beautiful, lovely and inspiring items are made up of the same energy we are. We come from the same source. What we do need is to remember this as often as we can. AND with the help of our small trinkets, cards and talisman we can. What we don’t need is to give over our power to these things. All the trust, hope and emotion that we put into our little beloved items can, bit by bit, be directed into ourselves and our Divine knowing. I ask that we remember this…it’s you and your powerful, Divine intention that gives any of the power to heal, erase and enlighten. Now…..where DID I put that necklace?.....

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