Pets: Companion Souls

For the past several months I've noticed from the emails, phone calls and Facebook postings that so many of our beloved pets are leaving us en mass. My family's own Tsarina the Wonder Husky is being tested for cancer today. Many of these pets are young and have been in excellent health only to tragically come down with all sorts of ailments. More often than not we are having to make the decision to humanly put them down or not. I have had several pets in my life but have lost them to old age, never through disease or accident, so this is new territory.

Just this morning one of my dearest friends is desperately trying to save her beloved Gabbie from a rare disease. I sat down and asked Spirit what is going on? Over the past few years we have seen times of massive fleeing by our human soul cohabitants. We were told that many Souls were exiting because they didn't want to go through the major shifts and world happenings that we were (and still are) experiencing. But why our pets I plead? Certainly they aren't abandoning us?

I heard that our pets are leaving us to clear the way for a new 'breed" of animal resonance. They will be replacing themselves with Souls that carry a more intense vibration that will increase the connection to our human souls. This different vibration will provide better companionship and clearing/healing.We are going to need this better companionship as we change the way we interact with the world. As we are tempted to connect more through machines and the ever changing technologies, we may have the tendencies to venture out less and less and thus bring down actual Human contact opportunities. We will be forced to try and send our vibrations out more to better connect, energetically, with other souls while here on this denser plane. Their energy will work as some kind of amplifier and connector for our energies.The potential lack of close human contact will bring on more fear that many of us won't be able to process. Our pet's new companion energy will also have to help filter out these fears and need to ground us even more than before. By agreeing to become more involved in our expansion, Spirit makes me feel that this is actually going to help push us even further and faster towards our mass development. As we observe, experience and help our smaller brothers and sister souls pass over and go home we need to remind ourselves that these divinely inspired relationships are unique and magical.

So kiss their noses, rub their bellies allow them to give their unconditional love and healing.

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