Teen Intro to Psychic Development classes


This series of classes are meant to be enjoyable, educational and enlightening! They are full of basic information and hands on excercises so you may get a taste of many different aspects of psychic development and choose what works best for YOU.

Sundays from 6:30pm-9:00pm

Class size is limited; please contact Kayla with any questions

Classes will be held at Kayla's home office.  Location and directions to be given upon class sign up.


Classes are On sale for $40 (was$50) each OR SAVE by paying for all four for $120 !      Buy full course here

Teen Beginning Psychic Development Series

Intro to the Psychic World Part 1

 EVERYONE is born with Psychic abilities.  

Learn what a Psychic is, what they do and how they to do it!  We will cover:

The Clairs - seeing, hearing, sensing, etc.

Grounding and Protection

Intuition VS. Psychic - is there a difference?

Meet your Spirit Guides and Angels

and more.......

Intro to the Psychic World Part 2

**This class to be held at 1:00pm**

We continue to learn more

about the Psychic world.

We will cover:

Practice using our Psychic abilities and how to     use them in our daily life

Mediumship - what is it?

Ethics of being a Psychic

Working with Spirit Guides and Angels

and more.......

Past Lives and Reincarnation

  Um... You mean I've been here before?  

Get ready to explore your Soul's Journey!

We will cover:

Reincarnation and Karma

Soul Families and Soul development

Healing past and current life issues

and more.......

Beyond Crystal Balls

Explore the different tools that Psychics use and how to use them everyday.

We will cover..... 

Tarot cards.....evil tools or just plain paper with pretty pictures?

Pendulums....a swinging good time

Divination Angel's best friend


Sunday, July 10

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