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$55 Workshop

AM I PSYCHIC? Workshop
- Twin Cities
Saturday, December 6  1:00pm-4:30pm
pmMarriott Courtyard – Roseville
2905 Centre Point Drive
$55 / $65 day of the event

Aren’t you curious if YOU are psychic?!

This eye-opening half-day workshop will help you to discover that we all came to earth with innate gifts. Participants will learn how to open their third-eye and tap into the unique gifts we each have. This workshop is great for people who have been curious about taking Psychic Development Classes or anyone who have been curious to learn more. Topics covered include:

  • Intuition vs. Psychic – is there a difference?

  • Opening your third-eye and decoding the messages you’re receiving

  • Decoding the terminology used when discussing spirit

  • Deciding when to take the next step in furthering your development






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